Intermittent Fasting and Athletic Performance

Brad is one of the worlds most sought after intermittent fasting advocates. His book Eat Stop Eat continues to be one of the best-selling books on intermittent fasting on the internet.

He received his Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition and his master’s degree in Human Biology and Nutritional Science, where his main area of interest was the effect of short periods of fasting on human metabolism. His book Eat Stop Eat is the result of this research. Brad has also spent over 7 years working in Research and Development in the sports supplement industry. During this time he helped design multiple clinical trials and create dozens of popular bodybuilding supplements, and is listed as an author on multiple patents involving methods to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat.

Through appearing on national television, speaking at national scientific conferences and his book Eat Stop Eat, Brad has helped millions of people become aware of the amazing health benefits that can be achieved by simply taking an occasional break from eating and by taking a practical approach to nutrition and exercise.

In this podcast you will learn:

1. What is Intermittent Fasting?
2. What methods of fasting more effective than another?
3. Brad’s first experience with fasting.
4. The challenges Brad faced the first couple of times you he tried to fast for an extended period of time.
5. The benefits of intermittent fasting.
6. What happens to our blood sugar and insulin levels during a fast?
7. The Fed and Fasted State.
8. Fasting and Body Fat Percentages.
9. Effects of fasting on hormones (Testosterone and Growth Hormone).
10. How long can we go without eating before our body burns muscle tissue.
11. Fasting and intense weight training. Is it recommended?
12. Fasting for athletic performance. Is it recommended?
13. Fasting for high school or college athlete?
14. If there is there a best approach to fasting?
15. His book “Eat Stop Eat”.
16. Tips for people who would like to try fasting for the first time and how to be successful at it.

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