Let Us Help You Build A Winning Team Using the Free Eat 2 Win Nutrition App

Empowers Athletic Trainers, Dietitians, Strength and Conditioning Specialists, Coaches, Personal Trainers, Health Coaches or Administrators for Wellness, Fitness or Sports Performance Centers

Eat 2 Win

Your Athletes Will Improve Their…

Energy | Weight | Strength | Focus | Recovery | Endurance

How Winning Teams Do It

Step #1 Initial Team Meeting Introducing Eat 2 Win Theme Challenges
Step #2 DownloadFREE Eat 2 Win Nutrition App and Make Connections
Step #3 Create and Compete in a Theme Focus Challenge for 1, 2, or 3 Weeks
Step #4 Provide Quality Feedback on Eating Habits of Your Athletes
Step #5 Measure Success then Reward and Celebrate

Importance of Using Challenges to Build Your Winning Team

$0.99 Month In-app Subscription to Compete in all Challenges

Athletes Love to Compete! Now, you can use that energy to improve their eating habits. User-created challenges allow you to focus on short term goals around a common theme you create. Don’t overwhelm your athletes — simply focus on one habit at a time and build a “food first” culture on your team. For just $0.99 a month, users can compete in all challenges if they choose to do so.  You can still use the Eat 2 Win Nutrition App with your team without all athletes upgrading. Challenges are a great motivational tool worth presenting to your athletes!


  • Eat 2 Win Sponsored Challenge
    • Weekly Cash Prizes Awarded
  • User-Created Challenges
    • Create Challenge(s) and Invite Friends
    • User Scores Points when Using the App
    • Leaderboard from Points Scored by Everyone in the Challenge Displays Ranking
  • Theme-Focused Challenges (Coming Soon)
    • Preset Theme Templates for Program Administrator to Select and Implement
    • Content Developed by Registered Dietitians and Distributed by Email During Challenge Timeframe

Implement the Game Plan for Your Team

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