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Eat 2 Win

Your Athletes Will Improve Their…

Energy | Weight | Strength | Focus | Recovery | Endurance

How Winning Teams Do It

Step #1 Initial Team Meeting and Athletes Download Eat 2 Win Nutrition App
Step #2  Athletes Complete Nutritional and Lifestyle Assessments (Coming Soon)
Step #3 Short Term Goals (1-4 weeks) with Theme Focused Nutritional Challenges 
Step #4 Provide Quality Feedback on Eating Habits with Meal Comment Templates Statements
Step #5 Measure Success with TEAM Data and Reports then Reward and Celebrate

Eat 2 Win Nutrition App Features

Using Challenges, Teams and Assessments to Build Your Winning Team

Premium Admin Subscription

Athletes Love to Compete!  Use their competitive nature to improve their eating habits using our Challenges and Teams!!

Theme focused challenges allow you to focus on short term goals around a common theme. Don’t overwhelm your athletes — simply focus on one habit at a time and build a “food first” culture on your team.

Athletes associated with an Premium Admin account using the free Eat 2 Win App can be included in Assessments, Challenges and Teams for FREE.


  • Develop a year long sports nutrition program
  • Competition in challenges improves athlete engagement
  • Focus on short term measurable goals
  • Recognize and reward individual and group accomplishments


  • Motivation through team synergy
  • Comparison of group data to measure and influence eating habits
  • Quality data impacts team accountability


  • Quickly assess athletes eating habits
  • Grade (A, B, C, D, F) based score per meal provides relevant feedback
  • Discover….
    • who motivates your athletes to eat healthy?
    • what influences them the most to eat healthy?
    • what obstacles do they have that keeps them from eating healthy?
  • Assessments automatically reset themselves each month to develop timeline profile

Implement the Game Plan for Your Team

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