Let Us Help You Build A Winning Team Using the Free Eat2Win Nutrition App

Athletic Trainers, Dietitians, Strength and Conditioning Specialists, Coaches, Personal Trainers, Health Coaches or Administrators for Wellness, Fitness or Sports Performance Centers

Eat2Win Challenge Themes

Your Athletes Will Improve…

Energy | Weight | Strength | Focus | Recovery | Endurance

How Winning Teams Do It

Step #1 Initial Team Meeting Introducing Eat2Win Theme Challenges
Step #2 DownloadFREE Eat2Win Nutrition App and Make Connections
Step #3 Create and Compete in a Theme Focus Challenge for 1, 2, or 3 Weeks
Step #4 Provide Quality Feedback on Eating Habits of Your Athletes
Step #5 Measure Success then Reward and Celebrate

Importance of Using Challenges to Build Your Winning Team

$0.99 Month In-app Subscription to Compete in all Challenges

Athletes Love to Compete! You should use that energy to improve their eating habits. User created challenges allow you to focus on short term goals around a common theme you create. Don’t overwhelm your athletes just focus on one habit at at time and build a food first culture on your team. User pays $0.99 a month to compete in all challenges if they choose to do so.  You can still use the Eat2Win Nutrition App with your team without all athletes upgrading. Challenges are a great motivation tool worth presenting to your athletes!


  • Eat2Win Sponsored Challenge
    • Weekly Cash Prizes Awarded
  • User Created Challenges
    • Create Challenge(s) and Invite Friends
    • User Scores Points when Using the App
    • Leaderboard from Points Scored by Everyone in the Challenge Displays Ranking
  • Theme Focused Challenges (Coming Soon)
    • Preset Theme Templates for Program Administrator to Select and Implement
    • Content Developed by Registered Dietitians and Distributed by Email During Challenge Timeframe

Implement the Game Plan for Your Team

Free resources you receive…