8 Fast Food Fundamentals Tips for Athletes

fast-food-530-x-320What are your top three favorite fast food restaurants?

What is your favorite thing to eat from your top three?

How many meals a week do you eat at a fast food restaurant?

Wow That’s Big
Fast food restaurants represent one of the largest segments of the food industry in America with over 200,000 restaurants  and $120 Billion dollars in sales each year. Fast food offers athletes a quick, cheap and filling meal. However, many are too high in fat, calories and sugars and can significantly hurt game time performance.

The Good News
Many fast food chains are expanding their menus to incorporate a greater variety of more nutritious, lower-fat foods such as salads, baked potatoes as an alternative to French fries, meats that are grilled rather than fried, and frozen yogurt in addition to ice cream.

8 Fast Food Fundamentals for Athletes

  1. Don’t Supersize It
    Don’t increase the amount of fat you are already taking in, limit it
  2. Order Things Your Way
    Add extra vegetables, hold the “sauce”,  helps with freshness of meal
  3. Choose a Better Drink
    Limit high sugar drinks. Water, milk, and fresh juice are good alternatives
  4. Limit the Number of Fried Items
    If french fries then get grilled chicken, or baked potato and hamburger
  5. Investigate Nutritional Contents
    Ask for nutrition charts in the restaurant or go to web site..be educated
  6. Carbohydrates over Fats
    Choose items rich in breads and pasta over fried food….skip the cheese
  7. Restaurant Types
    Chinese, Italian and Mexican offer more high carbohydrate meal choices
  8. Moderation
    Keep it to a minimum, always search for healthy alternatives in store

Download this List of
Best Fast Food Choices for Athletes from 9 Top Franchises